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How to mix horseradish powder

Time : 2022-04-29 Hits : 106

The first method is as follows:

Ingredients:5g green mustard and spicy, vinegar and sesame oil Quantity.


1.Sesame oil, cold vinegar and green mustard are ready.

2.In a large bowl, squeeze in green mustard and spicy.

3.First, mix the green mustard with a little cold boiled water.

4.Pour in vinegar and sesame oil and mix well.

The second tone is as follows:

Ingredient:225g horseradish root.

Excipients:175 ml distilled cider vinegar, 10 ml fine powdered sugar, 1 g salt.


In the electric food processor or blender, add spicy cabbage root, vinegar, sugar and salt, mix well and finely. When removing the mixer cover, be very careful not to point your hand at it. Take out the resistant horseradish sauce, put it in a box and put it in the fridge.