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Introduction to ingredients of Horseradish

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1.Introduction to ingredients

Horseradish is a seasoning vegetable, which is mainly exported after fresh-keeping or processing dehydration. 

It is deeply welcomed by consumers in Japan and European countries. 

Spicy, grated, dried, usually used to cook beef and cream food seasoning, or slice into canned seasoning. 

If you can't buy fresh horseradish, you can also use canned horseradish sauce instead to make this dish.

2.Edible value

The root has pungent taste and can be used as seasoning or edible; The plant can be used an feed.

3.Efficacy indications

dyspepsia; Adverse urination; cholecystitis; arthritis.

Horseradish is rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, cobalt and zinc. 

Medicinal internal use as stimulant, external use to induce red blood; Horseradish has diuretic and nerve stimulating effects.

Horseradish leaves contain glucosinolate, the main component of which is allyl glucosinolate,

also known as sinaprin, and a small amount of benzene glucosinolate. The whole plant contains volatile oil and mustard oil. 

Seeds contain fatty oil and alkaloids.