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The difference between horseradish and mustard

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The differences between horseradish and mustard are: different concepts, different places of origin, different kinds, different appearance, different taste and different color.

1.Different concepts. Horseradish is the root of horseradish and mustard is processed from mustard seeds.

2.Different origin. Horseradish is native to central Europe. Mustard originated in China and became a popular seasoning as early as the Zhou Dynasty.

3.Different kinds. Horseradish is a plant of horseradish in Cruciferae.

4.Looks different. Horseradish is hairless as a whole, the root flesh is hypertrophic, the shape is like a spindle, the whole body is white, and the lower part is branched. There are longitudinal grooves on the surface. Mustard is generally muddy, and unprocessed mustard seeds are very small spherical, including black mustard seeds, yellow mustard seeds, white mustard seeds, brown mustard seeds, etc.

5.It tastes different. The taste of horseradish is pungent, while the complete mustard seed is not spicy. It has a fresh spicy feeling only after grinding with water.

6.Different colors. The color of horseradish is light yellow and white. There are two kinds of mustard, green and yellow. The price of yellow mustard is higher.