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Dalian Tianpeng Food at The Exhibition INFORMATION

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Dalian Tianpeng Food Co., Ltd. is a "steady veteran" of the exhibition. During the three-day exhibition, it was fully loaded with caterers from all over the country.


As the leading brand in horseradish and wasabi ingredients.Dalian Tianpeng Food Co., Ltd. continues to be deeply involved in Japanese condiments.2024 marks the 30th anniversary of Dalian Tianpeng Food. Over the past 30 years, we have been seriously and steadily improving our Japanese condiment products such as horseradish and wasabi.

Hon Wasabi Products



Compound Condiments Products


In recent years, the market has paid increasing attention to "special flavors". Compound condiments with "local characteristics" and unique flavors have attracted much attention at this exhibition.

Dalian Tianpeng Food takes the lead in the layout of compound condiments, which can be used in various dishes, such as: seasoning partners specially developed for seafood, modern sushi, etc.; seasoning sauces that can be spread on bread; seasoning sauces used for stir-fries and soups . The sauce is rich in protein, phospholipids, etc., so it is delicious and has high nutritional value.

ChildrenCurry Products


Our specially developed children's curry attracted many customers to discuss business opportunities as we keenly captured the opportunities in the infant and child complementary food market.


Natto,Miso, Vinegar Jelly Products


This exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. We look forward to working with more food industry peers to enter the fast lane of high-quality development, win-win cooperation, and get better and better!


Dalian Tianpeng Food Co., Ltd.

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