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Dalian Tianpeng Food Co., Ltd. 

Will Provide Better Service.

In the past year, Dalian Tianpeng Food Co., Ltd. has achieved gratifying results. We sincerely thank all partners, factory production personnel, R&D colleagues, front-line sales personnel and every colleague for jointly achieving today's harvest.

Today, Dalian Tianpeng Food Co., Ltd. has developed across the century, with horseradish and wasabi products as its core industries, and the production and processing of wasabi, sushi vinegar, sushi soy sauce, sake, mirin, curry comprehensive products, ramen sauce, etc. , a comprehensive food enterprise operating all types of compound condiments, fermented products, ready-to-eat products, etc.


§ Passed ISO22000:2018 food safety management system, BRC, IFS, HALAL, KOSHER and other domestic and foreign authoritative certifications.

§ Form long-term strategic cooperative relationships with well-known brands such as Metro, Hema, Zhengxian, Black Eyed Bear, Ito-Yokado, etc.

§ Cooperate with 30+ cutting-edge children’s food brands in R&D and production.

§ Customer coverage in more than 100 countries and regions.

In 2024, Dalian Tianpeng Food Co., Ltd. 

will celebrate its 30th anniversary

    In the past years, we have witnessed the brand's roots, the rise of its business landscape, and the vigorous growth of a comprehensive food company at home and abroad. There is an amazing market for new product innovation and research and development, there is the glory of steadily rising sales, and the quality of products is exquisitely crafted. In the new year,Tianpeng will surely usher in unique charm in many fields.

Ingenuity and precision manufacturing

Natural delicious food for the world

     Focusing on food for 30 years, Dalian Tianpeng Food Co., Ltd. has already formed a full industrial chain from source to table.

§ A team of professional and diligent technical workers on the production line.

§ Product innovation team, R&D improvements and continuous upgrades.

§ Fully automatic standardized production, professional quality control throughout the chain.

§ Owned planting base of 31,500 acres, annual output of 10,000,000kg, factory building and storage area of 50,000㎡.

§ A special R&D department, fermented products division, plant extract division, spice and curry industry division have been specially established for the special food chain...

With persistence in craftsmanship and sincere dedication, we offer natural delicious food to the world.


    A new chapter in the new year has begun. In the new year, Dalian Tianpeng Food Co., Ltd. will continue to maintain rapid development, actively deploy, take root in Dalian, look at the world, and lock in future growth momentum.

As always, we are committed to exploring the field of food, giving each product a sense of mission of Tianpeng quality and corporate culture, continuing to adhere to the brand concept of "eating naturally", crafting details with ingenuity, and striving to bring a unique experience to every customer , creating greater value for the industry.


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